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Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc.

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers

Mayport meeting photos

50 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Feb 2012
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Photo by Lou Kellenberger
  • Friday night board meeting and social time
  • Rick Cain, Deputy Director of St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum tells of recent restoration work partially paid by a Florida Lighthouse Association Gene Oakes Lighthouse grant
  • Items for raffle included Harbour Lights replicas of European lighthouses and others
  • US Coast Guard color guard
  • Our Light Keeper of the day, Beverly Oakes, member of Mayport Lighthouse Association and FLA secretary carrying FLASH
  • FLA Pres, Ken Smith (3rd from right) presents "thank you" plaques (with Paul Bradley drawings of the Mayport & St. Johns River Lights)to USCG color guard, Beverly Oakes & Harry Pettit
  • John Cronin, president of The Villages Lighthouse Club, our official host, welcomes us to Mayport
  • Ron Ecker, VP for Meetings, welcomes first timers
  • Ken recognizes Winslow Lewis Society members whose generous contributions created the license plate program starting the Gene Oakes Lighthouse Grant Fund
  • Dr. Harvey Lillywhite, biology professor, University of Florida, our special speaker, presented "Of Birds, Snakes and Lighthouse: A Journey Through Time At Seahorse Key"
  • Ken welcomes Dr. Harvey Lillywhite, our featured speaker
  • FLA Treasurer, John Kennedy, stamped passports for Mayport and St. Johns River Lighthouses
  • Helen Sites, FLA member, was raised at the Amelia Island Lighthouse
  • Keynote Speaker, Kenneth Smith, AIA, spoke of his work as an architect working on restoration efforts of lighthouse preservation and other historic buildings
  • "Will the real Ken Smith please stand up?" Ken Smith, FLA president, talking to Ken Smith, the lighthouse architect
  • Hib Casselberry and Ken Smith,AIA
  • Lighthouse Protocol -- lighthouse preservation enthusiasts always stand back to allow others to take their wide shots without people in them
  • Our look inside the historic lighthouse at Mayport
  • A rare opportunity to climb the 1954 St. Johns River Lighthouse
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