Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc.

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers

GuideStar Instructions

You can view FLA’s IRS 990 Financial Reports at GuideStar (http://www2.guidestar.org/).

If you do NOT have a GuideStar account:
Create an account - it is FREE and this is a reputable site with lots of information on nonprofits
Click on Register in the top left  of the page
Create an account – When you have accepted the terms the page will tell you that they have sent you a confirmation email
Go to your email and find the email from customerservice@guidestar.org
Click the link in that e-mail to activate your account:  “Welcome and thank you for registering at GuideStar.org. Click here to confirm your e-mail address and begin accessing the nonprofit data you need.”
This will take you to GuideStar’s log in page, or you can go to http://www2.guidestar.org/ and log in

Using your GuideStar account to get FLA’s financial reports:
Go to http://www2.guidestar.org/ and log in
Once you are logged in on GuideStar’s home page complete the search boxes
Choose “Nonprofit Search”
Type in “Florida Lighthouse Association Inc”
Click on Start Your Search
Click on the grey tab “Forms 990 & Docs”
Under Forms 990 Received from the IRS - Click on the year you want to review

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