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Gasparilla Island Rear Range Light

Photo: Bonnie Jean Exum


Active: Yes

Characteristics: Flashes every six seconds.

Height: 105 feet

DayMark: White steel skeletal tower.

History: Built 1891 in Delaware. Moved to Gasparilla Island in 1927

Lens: Modern optic with a 105 foot focal plane and a range of 12 miles, first lighted in 1932.

Construction: Built by Phoenix Iron works in Trenton NJ.  Steel skeletal tower with a central tube enclosing the spiral stairs.

Other Buildings: None

     26 44 31 N
     82 15 48 W

Operated by:

Location: Within the Gasparilla Island State Park.

Visit Status: Not open to the public.

Days Open: None

Facilities: None

Hours Open: N/A

Visitor Info: Stands alongside the road on the way to the Boca Grande Light. Can walk right up to it, and easily photograph it.

Admission: $3.50 toll to get on Island

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