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St. Johns River Lighthouse


Active: No

Characteristics: Fixed white with a red sector.

Height: 80 feet, 90 steps

DayMark: Red-washed conical brick tower with white lantern

History: Constructed in 1858. First Lighted January 1, 1859. Deactivated 1929. Tower was repainted by the Navy in 2000.

Lens: Original: Third-order fixed Fresnel lens. Focal plane: 77 feet.

Construction: Contruction: brick conical tower; foundation: brick.

Operated by: United States Navy

Visit Status: Viewable from outside the perimeter fence of the Mayport Naval Station.

Facilities: None, no handicap access

Visitor Info: The tower is located on the Mayport Naval Station and is not open to the public. A good view of this lighthouse can be seen from the road east from the Mayport ferry.

Mayport Lighthouse Association, Inc.
4610 Ocean Street
Mayport Village, FL  32233

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