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Crooked River Lighthouse


Stan Beckstrom



Active: No

Characteristics: Two-group flashing white, flashes every twelve and a half seconds.

Height: 103 feet, 138 steps

DayMark: Square, pyramidal, skeletal tower; lower half white; upper half dark red with a black lantern.

History: Constructed 1895. First Lighted October 28, 1895. Deactivated May 24, 1994. On National Register Listing.

Lens: Original: Fourth-order bivalve revolving lens; Henry-LePaute (1894). Present: None. Focal Plane: 115 feet.

Construction: Architect: unknown, Builder: Tacony Iron and Metal Company, Philadelphia, PA..  Steel skeletal tower constructed of cement and iron.

Visit Status: The Keeper's House Museum is open noon to 5:00pm Thursday through Sunday. The lighthouse is open for climbing every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for $5.00.

Facilities: Children's playground with a 40 ft. pirate ship

Visitor Info: In 2000 The General Services Administration turned the lighthouse over to the city of Carrabelle to be restored and operated as a historical site by the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association. Access to the grounds is by a dirt road off US 98 two miles west of The Carrabelle River.


Carrabelle Lighthouse Association
Lesley Cox
P.O. Box 373
Carrabelle, FL  32322

Email:  lighthouse2@fairpoint
Website:  www.CrookedRiverLighthouse.org/index.cfm

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