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Anclote Key

Photo: Dave & Alice D'Amicol



Active: Yes

Characteristics: Flashing white every five seconds (originally).

Height: 96 feet, 138 steps

DayMark: Rust-colored, square, pyramidal skeletal tower with black top (originaly all black)

History: Constructed in 1887. First Lighted September 15, 1887. Deactivated in 1985. On National Historic Register listing.

Lens: Original: Third-order revolving Fresnel lens; Henry-LePaute. Present: None. Focal Plane: 84 feet.

Construction: Architect unknown. Fabricated by Colwell Iron works in New York City.  Iron, skeletal tower constructed of cement and iron.

Other Buildings: Oil house and cistern.

     28 10 02 N
     82 50 44 W

Operated by: State of Florida (Gulf Islands GEO Park)

Visit Status: Private Aid to Navigation, No Access

Facilities: None, no handicap access

Visitor Info: The state is just taking over this lighthouse as part of a State Park in the Anclote National Wildlife Refuge. At present, the lighthouse and oil house have been restored. It was re-lighted September 13, 2003. Funding for restoration of the keepers houses has begun. The lighthouse is off-limits at this time.


Anclote Key Preserve State Park
Scott Robinson
Gulf Islands GEO Park
#1 Causeway Dr
Dunedin, FL  34698

Email: mailto:dephoney@gte.net
Website: www.Anclotecso.com

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