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Alligator Reef

Key West

Photo: Lynda VeArd

  Active: Yes

Four-group flashing white every 60-seconds with two red sectors.

150 feet

White octagonal, pyramid skeletal tower enclosing stair cylinder and square dwelling; black pile foundation

Original: Revolving 1st order Fresnel lens. Present: Vega VRB-25 rotating beacon; RACON. Focal Plane: 136 feet.

Builders: Paulding & Kemble. Iron screwpile, skeletal tower constructed of wrought iron and wood.

     24 51 06 N
     80 37 06 W

Operated by:
United States Coast Guard

Visit Status: Closed to public

None, no handicap access

Visitor Info:
Can be viewed from Islamorada at the south end of Upper Matecumbe Key. The Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation has been formed to promote the establishment of a lighthouse museum with future lighthouse tours and access.

Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation, Inc.
1067 Drift Creek Cove
Orlando, FL  32828

Email: Info@ReefLights.org
Website: www.ReefLights.org

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